2021: UTT Research Symposium

Join us as we mark our Third Research Symposium—to be held virtually—celebrating Research for Sustainable Development

Academic Research has always been a key driver of economic development and that’s true now more than ever. UTT’s Third Research Symposium will focus on Relevant Research for Sustainable Development.During this unprecedented time, our Third Conference and Research Symposium will bring together faculty and student researcher that help to promote and advance sustainable development locally, regionally and internationally.  Research efforts will be portrayed in 5 key areas:
    1. Covid-19 Pandemic Research
    2. Engineering
    3. Entrepreneruship
    4. Fashion, Arts and Education
    5. Food Technology and Security
    6. Sports, Health, Criminology and Sciences

A key focus of this year’s symposium is examining how to strengthen our efforts to promote and develop sustainable technological ecosystems through our various fields of research and academic studies. Each category provides a general context through with a wide range of research topics are show cased.